Welcome to Naturopathic Wellness, home of Kerry Barlow, Naturopathic Doctor.

Health and Wellness

Using a variety of therapies Naturopathic Doctors have the flexibility and training to develop a wellness plan that is tailored to every individual.

"Treating every patient like family..."
Individuals seek Naturopathic care for a variety of reasons (see tab above "FAQ" for a list of the most commonly treated conditions). 
Kerry makes it her mission to make your health care experience as personalized as possible. 

Senior and Mature
Whether you are concerned about new ailments or simply want advice on aging gracefully - We provide you with the facts that will lead you to better health choices that work with current prescriptions.

Active and Independent
Finding the time to visit your doctor can be a challenge for many individuals. Let Kerry fit into your schedule by visiting you at your office in order to help you make minor lifestyle changes that will optimize your health not only today but well into the future. 

Young, Expecting and Newborns
Starting a family can be the most exciting and thrilling times of a person's life. It is also the most important time to be conscience of your health.  We provide both pre and post natal nutritional assessments and 'well' baby checkups.  

A friend of mine, or my spouse....
Perhaps you have a partner that is a little shy about seeking medical advice but could use a little check up?  We arrange 'couple' sessions so you can work on your wellness plan together.